Since coming to RCHC I no longer have migraines or headaches in general. NONE!  I am still amazed that I have not had one migraine since I discovered Dr. Coughlin and chiropractic care. I get out of bed feeling rested, not like the “old lady” I did before!  Long rides in the car are better too. What a difference it makes to be completely free of pain! I love the fact that Dr. Coughlin takes a holistic stance on care. It’s not just about spinal alignment, but it’s about meeting goals for my diet and exercise routines as well. Revolution Chiropractic Health Center’s staff is considerate, caring, kind, and helpful. I cannot say enough about them! Thanks so much RCHC; you have made such a positive impact on my life! 


Before coming to RCHC I was experiencing significant hearing loss and speech recognition in my left ear had dropped to 34%. I started coming to RCHC two years ago and my speech recognition is now 100%! I still have hearing loss and benefit from hearing aids, but my overall hearing has improved dramatically. My audiologist cannot explain why I've had such improvement, but I know it's from my chiropractic treatment at RCHC!


In 2014, I was in a bad accident that really messed my back up and caused issues such as constant pain and the inability to sit for a long period of time. Dr. Coughlin is an amazing chiropractor, whom I hold quite high in regards to the care he gives and the attention he gives to you as a person. Chiropractic care for 6 years has improved my physical health, my eating habits, and has opened up different avenues of how to better care for your body.

- chris

I came to Dr. Coughlin after experiencing persistent back pain which affected me at work, while exercising, sleeping, etc. I was feeling pretty discouraged about being able to do the things I enjoyed and about my future goals. Dr. Coughlin asked me to write down my patient goals - one of which seemed impossible but included completing a full distance Ironman in the future. I noticed improvements in my symptoms each time I came for adjustments and I followed the exercise plan and recommendations religiously. A month later, I made the move and signed up for my first Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) in Mont Tremblant Canada and completed it 9 months later. I had a few setbacks between anklesprains and a bike crash causing hip and neck pain, however, Dr. Coughlin helped me through all of it.I cannot believe I was able to train up to 17 hour weeks and race for 13 hours completely pain free. I'm truly grateful for the individualized treatment and care that Dr. Coughlin invested in me and cannot thank him enough for all of his help!


Before coming to RCHC I was having periodic headaches, lower back pain and fatigue. A week after starting care I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, as well as dealing with extreme stress and tension in my whole back. Since coming to RCHC, the treatments have helped in my cancer fight to build up my immune system through healthy spine function. My headaches are all but gone. Today my lower back pain is non-existent. My maintenance has been key to my ongoing health and fight with cancer. It promotes good rest, neck function, and all-over better health.

- Gary